How to Message all Friends on Facebook at once

How to Message all Friends on Facebook at once

Have you been thinking on How to Message all Friends on Facebook at once? This writ-ups will give you all you need to send instant messages to all your Facebook friends.

Facebook has been in existence since Zuckerberg Harvard networking attempt to top the social networking site chart in its days. This is with registered users of over 400 million from all works of life within seven years. To keep up to the needs of many, and fight a good fight over other social sites, Facebook staffs and coders are frequently require to introduce new plans and ideas regularly which are seen implemented on Facebook.

The question How to Message all Friends on Facebook at once has been an aged long request by subscribers when they message on Facebook which has also required many writers in the Tech niche to delve more into the issue.

How to Message all Friends on Facebook at once

When you talk about messages sent on Facebook, there are ways you can go handle them.

The most straight forward way is going the profile of the individual and click on the Send Message icon just rightly below his/her profile photo. This will direct you to a fresh page to compose your new message after which you hit the Send button at the bottom (Remember, this is one message per person method. You do this on individual profile)

Another option to do this is to search for the person (if you can’t remember his full name or how to get to his/her profile page) by name (suggestions comes up as you type) or by email address. When you’ve seen the person, click on Send Message section just beside his/her name (be careful not to un-friend the person as the link are close) after clicking on the link, you will be re-directed to a page like the one above to compose your message and send.


We’ve touched two methods of messaging via your Facebooklogin.


Just link the single message tutorials; there are also ways of going about this:

Visit your homepage and click on the message bar. Proceed to compose message where you have sections to your inbox, messages among other options. Hit the new message tab where you can compose new message. Just a little above that, you’ll see a section to add names of people to send the mail.

How to Message all Friends on Facebook at once

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